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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions About Coaching Answered

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapists typically help clients heal from past experiences or traumatic events or overcome addictions. Coaches help clients move forward towards goals they want to achieve and the life they want to lead.

What does a coach do?

Coaches help their clients determine what it is they really want for themselves, map out a strategy to get it, and help them stick to a plan until the future they envisioned is reality. A coach is a trained professional who knows what questions to ask and what tools to use for your unique challenge.

What type of goals are suitable for coaching?

You may be surprised to learn that coaches can help people with a wide range personal and professional goals. Examples of personal goals include weight loss, better money management, more fulfilling relationships, a new career or job,  improved overall well-being including less stress or anxiety,  and many more.

What can I expect from coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are your time to explore your goals and objectives in a safe, confidential environment using techniques, tools, and other resources your coach provides. You can also expect to use those resources outside of coaching sessions—taking actions you and your coach identified that will bring you closer to creating the life you envision for yourself.

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